Smarter communications for sea and shore

Don't lock-in

Proprietary software and hardware solutions might be excellent for vendor lock-in reasons, but mostly just harm the whole industry.

Shareable data

Any data is useless if it cannot be accessed or shared. Our solution is designed to make data accessible onboard and offboard at reasonable cost.

Fully agnostic

Since Pentonet does not sell connectivity or airtime, we work with any connection and co-operate with any hardware environment.

Modern standard

We believe in standards, both in hardware and software. Using our devices feels like coming home, simple, intuitive and doing just what is needed.

It's simple.

The maritime industry is built on proprietary hardware and software, which makes everything expensive, complicated and most importantly, incompatible with other solutions. We didn’t want any of this, so we built the Local Node with standards and compatibility first.

We got together with Intel, which lead us to German industrial manufacturer Congatec to create a scalable and cost-effective solution using Intel’s x86 architecture, which allows allowing excellent and cost-effective performance.

Winning software

Our only product is our Optimised Transport Layer, or the OTL in short. While our hardware may be standard, everything connects to our smart cloud ecosystem. Onboard connections and operations are handled by the cloud edge computing platform we call our Local Node, and everything is centrally managed by our omnipotent Global Node.

Revolution starts at $189/mo

We believe that working together with everyone is the most important thing that we can bring into the maritime industry. This is the reason why we open source everything we can, try to finding the honest game changers in the industry and working with them instead of trying to monopolise our position through aggressive acquisitions.

Pentonet in short

Pentonet was founded in 2016 by Darryn Trowell and Markus Sandelin with the goal to fix on-board cellular connectivity with modern and cost-effective solutions. The Helsinki, Finland based company made good progress with their solution, but quickly noticed that while on-board cellular was a great service, there was were massive problems from getting data from the ship to shore and – or even using it onboard the ship.

You don't need all of the data, just the important parts.

Meet us.

We are present is many of the maritime conferences and expos, and we welcome you to come visit our beautiful offices all around Europe.

Call us: ‭+358 45 108 6972‬

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