communications for ship and shore

Open IoT

We connect your devices. Using open standards based connectivity we can agnostically connect you and your supplier systems. 

Node Connect

Our near to shore Global LTE solution offering up to 300MBps is ideal for connecting your vessels to high speed, low cost data packages.


Pentonet’s Global service for crew and passengers at sea and on land for data up to 21/5.75 Mbps, voice and SMS at truly affordable rates!. The Global SIM!

Bluetooth Mesh

The ability to supply a Bluetooth mesh  to the industry based on the latest Bluetooth Low Energy meshing is a game changer for on board connectivity.

Pentonet in short

Pentonet was founded in 2016 by Darryn Trowell and King Muffin Oy with the goal to supply on-board cellular connectivity based on modern and cost-effective solutions. 

The Helsinki, Finland based company now supply a variety of IoT services for use on board as well as a Global Crew Calling solution using low cost cellular.


“Pentonet allow us to connect our ships crew and systems to the world in a cost effective way”

It's simple.

If it is on a ship and needs a connection we can help. 

People, sensors, data, the ship itself. Connectivity is our business. Using open source modelling we are able to flexibly and quickly adapt and connect new services, features and devices. 

We partnered with industry leading technology partners to create a scalable and cost-effective solution using Intel’s x86 architecture, which allows excellent and cost-effective performance.

Discover more

At Pentonet we believe that we offer the best and most effective way to bridge the link between ship systems and their operators as well as providing word class, global service for crew and passenger cell phones. 

We welcome the challenge to work with new partners to further develop and grow ourselves and our customers. 

Meet us.

We are present at many of the maritime conferences and expos, and we welcome you to come visit our offices by the sea in Helsinki.

Call us:

Finland: ‭+358 45 108 6972‬

Philippines: +63 917 129 5144

Pentonet Oy (VAT ID: FI27813028)
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